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How it Works 

Step 1


The first step is when a client agrees to committing to a certain number of medical technologist they want in their lab.

Step 4


Once the H1B's are granted, MLS global works to relocate the medical technologist to the U.S and provides temporary housing.

Step 2


MLS Global' s recruiting team begins choosing the most qualified medical technologist available to relocate.

Step 5

First Day

Once situated in the U.S they are ready to work and report to your lab.

Step 3

H1B Sponsorship

Once selected MLS Global works with our immigration partner to begin the petitioning and H1B sponsorship process. 

Step 6

Payroll and performance management

MLS global provides benefits and payroll for the first 3 years they work in the lab. After 3 years they are eligible for their green card sponsorship through the lab they work at.

The best part?

Once a medical technologist begins working, your lab doesn't have to worry about filling that role for 3 years. Imagine not having to worry about tough off shift positions being vacant for years. After 3 years your lab has the option to directly sponsor their green card to make them a permanent employee of your lab. 

We are excited about what we do because everyone wins. The medical technologist get a great opportunity to come to the U.S and the lab can fill difficult to fill vacancies for the long term. 

If you would like to learn more please reach out to us below.


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