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We specialize in recruiting qualified medical laboratory scientist from the Philippines 

There is a severe shortage of qualified medical laboratory scientist to work in laboratories in the United States. MLS programs can not graduate students fast enough and a large part of the workforce is near retirement. Now there is even a shortage of short term personal that laboratories rely on.

We offer a solution that is a long term fix to the shortage, every year hundreds of talented medical laboratory scientist from the Philippines come to the U.S in search of a better life to work in labs. They have an education system and work environment that closely mirrors that of the U.S for laboratory professionals. 

Our mission is to help connect qualified medical laboratory scientist from the Philippines with laboratories in the U.S. to make successful long term placements. 


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Experience to Deliver 


Meet the Founder's

MLS Global was founded in May 2022 by Cristito Climacosa Jr. and Shawn Wierzbowski. 

Cristito obtained his H1B Visa in 2006 and immigrated from the Philippines to the U.S to work as a medical technologist. Since 2006 he has helped labs implement programs to obtain more medical technologist from the Philippines and is currently a lab director. 

Shawn own's Intro, Intro is a recruitment firm focused strictly in the clinical laboratory scientist field. Together they are partnering to bring a true fix to the lab shortage. 

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